Elder of the Kei : Oil on Canvas : 120 x 80cm: available price of request.

"Passionate about painting, depth of light, texture, and color but most importantly depth of character and emotion"

"What drives me is the painting process... the high I get.... the molding, manipulating, creating something from nothing and probably the smell of turps and oil!

Particularly drawn to the play of light, colour and texture, Jane says, " I paint for the moment, letting my brushes and palette do the work.  When a painting is going well, it takes me off to another place, I feel on such a high.  I work in a frenzy - the feeling is awesome!"

Inspired by the people in my life, broader community and especially those met on our travels. Each with their own unique qualities, characters, emotions and impulses.  Using portrature as a way to play and experiment with paint, to explore new techniques and to interpret my own emotional response to the subject.  In the process, I hope to build a closer relationship with the subject and then ultimately for viewers to also feel an emotive responsive - their own emotive response.

Playing with paint in that moment... a moment in time.

Representing Galleries

Portrait - Thinking deep
45 x 45cm - oil on canvas - Sold

Henry George Gallery, Parktown North

Riverbend Gallery, South Coast, KZN

Elizabeth Gordon Gallery, Durban, KZN

Fillingdon Fine Art Gallery, High Wykcombe, UK

The Longmynd Gallery, Hillcrest, KZN

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For visitors to the North Coast, take a look at www.thesaunter.co.za where you can make an appointment to view my studio as well as other artists on the North Coast.  I have a wide selection of artworks in my home and studio (not all mine) that you can enjoy over a cuppa tea or a G&T!   By appointment only ofcourse.