Palette of Possibilities

“A Palette of Possibilities” is a series of oil paintings in which the artist, Jane Digby, has explored the differences and similarities between our lives and the painting process. Life begins like a blank canvas - influences, inspirations, experiences, personalities and choices shape our lives and shape our paintings. We don’t know how we will develop and grow, through life’s highs and lows, just as we let a painting take on it’s own shape and form through positives and negatives, soft and hard edges, thin and thick paint.

At times our paths are clear, at others it seems like a maze of options and uncertainties. The life of a painting too begins with inspiration, with a blast of guided intuition, then unforeseen factors come into play and the painting takes on a life of its own, unknown outcomes but exciting, exhilarating journeys. And when the painting nears completion, when we assess the darkest darks and the lightest lights, we can look back and know that there were many uncertainties and many possibilities.

“Life is a great big canvas, we should throw all the paint we can on it! Quote Danny Kaye.

Using a slightly different but limited colour palette for each painting, Jane has explored the myriad of colours that come to life in every painting session. Playing with colours has been integral in this series of paintings.

“I don’t think about Art when I’m working. I try to think about life.” Quote Jean Michel Basquiat

This series is on-going .... as "life is a palette of possibilities!"    See the gallery "After the Winter"